Copywriting, Translation and Localisation for Mozilla, the Firefox developers.

Mobile internet – on smartphones and desktops
It is probably no coincidence that we have been working for Mozillas Firefox developers since 2011, as their browser is our number one choice when we surf the Internet. We deliver translation and localisation in approximately 20 languages to Mozilla – making Mozilla one of our largest customers when it comes to the number of languages. Usually, a small core team works for Mozilla, but for individual projects we have had up to eight members of the kontextor team working in parallel for the American non-profit.

What we do for Mozilla

As part of our editorial support, we also regularly take on copywriting and editing work – all of which is for the Firefox creators’ marketing communication. We actively participate in newsletters for the Firefox browser, for example, the German version of ‘Firefox & You’.

We also support Mozilla with such matters as the textual design of social media content or when writing petitions, e.g. concerning telecommunications data retention. We have also created texts for a fundraising campaign organised by the non-profit.

During an audit, we were also responsible for a content and quality check, ensuring that the texts in five languages were of the same high standard. We are also Mozilla’s partner when it comes to moving images: for videos, we have been responsible for ensuring that the texts are appropriate to the images in terms of both language and content.

Last but not least, we assist Mozilla with linguistic and stylistic questions regarding tone and external communication.


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