Are you looking for a straightforward translation or a localisation that takes the particularities of the target country into account? We can give you what you need. Certified translations as well.

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For some texts, the translation must remain very close to the original wording. For example, in the case of sworn translations. For others we localise to take the particularities of the target market into account. The USA and the UK, for instance, drive on different sides of the road. We take these and other differences into account during localisation and fact-checking, in terms of both language and content. Your brand and the nature of your business set the tone.

We are convinced that humans are better translators than computer programmes. That is why kontextor does not use machine translation. On the contrary: here, it’s people that do the translating – sometimes even the boss himself. The people who work with us bring many talents to the table. Qualifications and degrees alone are not enough for us. Even more important are experience, a sense of style and a real passion for the beauty of all the languages that we speak and write to be even more important. We are happy to prove this to you – also, if required, to edit texts that have been machine translated.

Kontextor is ISO 17100 compliant! Read more in our Imprint! DIN-ISO-17100

Our expertise

When it comes to translating texts into more than 25 languages, many well-known companies from around the world have placed their trust in our Berlin translation office for several years. In addition to English and German translations, our translators translate text into all other European languages for our international customers. The kontextor team also has native speakers of the most important Asian languages, who are on hand to translate content such as websites.

With all translation and localisation work, we of course take the particularities of the language and region in question into account. This is because, culturally and linguistically, the Swiss are different from the French, the Austrians are different from the Germans, Latin Americans are different from the Spanish and Brazilians are different from the Portuguese.

Native speakers make the best translators

At kontextor, we are convinced that the best people to transfer texts from one language into another are those who who have learnt the target language from birth. That is why only native speakers will translate and localise your texts if you entrust them to us. Whether it’s Europe, America, Asia, Australia or Africa – the members of the kontextor team are at home linguistically and culturally in many countries and all continents of the Earth (the only exception being Antarctica). This means that you can be sure that the translations are correct from both a lingustic and a content point of view and that they will be understood around the globe, with all their nuances.

The result is texts that your customers and/or staff will not only understand, but will also enjoy reading. Why is that important? If people enjoy reading a text, they are much more likely to absorb its message – which means that you achieve your communication goals. After all, we would like our work to contribute to your success.

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