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kontextor offers more than just translation services. We manage translation projects of any size, from start to finish. As a translation agency with an extensive international network, we can put together translation teams to address your specific needs. Our experienced linguists are native speakers working in all European languages, the key Asian languages and more.

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With decades of experience, kontextor has the skills, resources and flexibility to manage translation projects of any size. From simple translation to localisation and transcreation, we can provide you with accurate, high-quality content in every language you need.

Our translators and project managers have expertise in a wide range of industries. With our agile teams, we work efficiently to deliver high-quality, human translations of documents, web content, multilingual projects and more – all finely tuned to your target audience and market.

Kontextor is DIN EN ISO 17100 compliant! Read more in our Imprint! DIN-ISO-17100

Why should you use kontextor’s translation services?

kontextor is a Berlin-based content agency with decades of experience in translation, localisation and multilingual projects. Our translation teams can help you with projects of any size and in any industry, with fast delivery, efficient project management and transparent pricing. We produce high-quality, human translations using the desired tone of voice and adapted to the linguistic and cultural sensibilities of your target audience.

In addition to English to German and German to English translations, our language professionals work in all other European languages for our international customers. The kontextor team also includes native speakers of the key Asian languages. In fact, we only employ translators who are native speakers of the target language for all translations.

It’s important to keep in mind that a given language may not be the same in every region where it is spoken. That’s why it really makes a difference to have native speakers translating your content. Our translators are familiar with the major regional language varieties and cultural differences in the target markets, so you can rest assured that your message will get across exactly as intended.

With our extensive network of professional translators, editors, project and content managers, we provide a full-service offering for your translation project and are there to assist you every step of the way. In addition to translation and localisation, kontextor offers many other language and content-related services, including transcreation, content creation, SEO copy, transcriptions, subtitles and more.

Would you like to know more about kontextor’s translation and content services? Just give us a call or send us a message. We’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Key factors for good translation services

Many agencies offer translation services, but there are certain factors that should always be considered when selecting one. Most importantly, an agency that provides good translation services:

  • Meets all agreed deadlines and delivers on time
  • Offers transparent pricing
  • Works with experienced/certified translators as well as editors and proofreaders to ensure error-free, high-quality results
  • Employs translators who are native speakers of the target language
  • Produces human translations that accurately convey not just the meaning of the source text but also the intent of your message, in the desired style and tone of voice
  • Uses established processes, tools and technology for efficient translation and project management
  • Has high standards of data security and agrees to your terms of confidentiality

What types of translations does kontextor offer?

With our core team and large network of professional linguists, kontextor has virtually every topic covered. We have experience in translating all kinds of documents, including internal and external communications, medical literature, web content such as blog posts, articles and entire websites as well as advertising and marketing campaigns.

Over the years, we have translated content for a wide range of customers, such as shipping companies, job portals, design platforms and more. Our translators have expertise in many different fields, including marketing, e-commerce, products and branding. You’ll find some of them in our references. If you don’t see your business area or industry there, feel free to contact us.


  • Why is kontextor the right choice for your translations?


    kontextor delivers high-quality translations by industry experts. We can put together and coordinate entire content teams for many major languages. In addition to English and German translations, we work with all other European languages for our international and business customers. Our team also includes native speakers of the key Asian languages.

    At kontextor, we know that a good translation does more than just get the meaning of the original text across in another language. It also takes the cultural and linguistic nuances of the target audience into account. It is just as important to convey the intent, tone of voice and even humour in a way that is authentic and true to the original text. This will ensure that the translated content helps you meet your strategic and business objectives.

  • What do professional translation services offer?


    Professional translation services offer excellent quality and on-time delivery at reasonable rates. They also have the capacity to manage projects of any size and communicate with their customers at all times. In terms of expertise, they should be familiar with consumer, technology, business, medical and other specialised fields. In addition, many high-quality translation services rely on established processes, tools and technology to increase their efficiency and accuracy.

    A translation agency with an extensive network can be very agile and scalable, offering a wide range of languages and translation methods. It will also have strict quality control procedures, including thorough proofreading by native speakers. Some translation agencies are certified DIN EN ISO 17100, the industry certification for translation services.

  • How can I find a good translation agency?


    A good translation agency is reliable, provides excellent service and delivers high-quality results at a price you can afford. It should also be scalable and flexible enough to address your individual needs. This means good communication, efficient project management and fast turnaround times.

    You may need to do a bit of research before you find a translation agency that can offer you the right solutions. Check their references to see whether they have experience in your particular industry. Given that individual customers vary widely in their requirements, reviews may not be that useful. But sometimes you can get a good recommendation through word of mouth. If you’re still uncertain, you can always ask for a test translation – feel free to contact us for one now!

  • Which languages does kontextor translate?


    In addition to translations from English to German and German to English, our translators work in all other European languages for our international customers. kontextor’s extensive network of language professionals covers Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa and includes native speakers of the key Asian languages. With our scalable and flexible approach, we can set up and coordinate entire project teams for many major languages, as needed.

    We can also help you decide on the best target languages for your translations and whether the text needs to be adapted to the cultural and linguistic sensibilities of the audience. The latter process is referred to as “transcreation” and involves reshaping the text to convey the original concept, meaning and intent. The native speakers in our international talent pool have the appropriate cultural background, so you can rely on them to get it right.

  • Why should you hire a translation agency for translations?


    A professional translation agency can do much more for you than convert a text from one language to another. In addition to its core team, a good agency will have a large network of skilled and experienced linguists to take on the various tasks required to deliver translated content. Translators, proofreaders, editors, systems administrators and project managers all play a key role in carrying out projects and managing resources, term bases and deadlines.

    Another significant advantage of hiring a full-service translation agency is that it will have expertise in specific fields. The language professionals at kontextor have in-depth knowledge of various industries, enabling them to translate specialised and business-related documents. They also have access to advanced translation tools and technology, which can boost efficiency, speed and accuracy.

  • What is transcreation?


    Transcreation is the creative adaptation of content from a source language to a target language. It is similar to translation but focuses less on the individual words and more on the message behind them. The aim is to convey the intended meaning in the target language while maintaining the tone, intent and style of the original text. The end result should read as if it had been written directly in the target language.

    Good transcreation services take linguistic and cultural nuances, such as history, traditions, idioms, values, humour and other contextual factors into account. The resulting content is culturally relevant, meaningful and engaging for the target audience. Transcreation is often used in advertising and marketing to address regional differences and ensure effective communication across cultures, even where a common language is spoken.

  • Can AI deliver good translations?


    While significant advances have been made with AI translation tools, they still can’t replace humans. AI doesn’t understand the context, tone of voice, or the cultural nuances of colloquial language, so a human editor or reviewer is still needed. AI-powered tools are becoming more useful, but native speakers are still essential for producing accurate, engaging and culturally relevant translations.

    Although the accuracy of machine translation will likely improve as the technology develops, it is still too unreliable and prone to mistranslating idioms and metaphors. AI also has trouble translating creative content, which often relies on wordplay, humour and other concepts or ideas that go beyond mere words. This is why kontextor will continue to produce high-quality, human translations and any machine translations will be carefully supervised by professional translators.

  • What are certified translations and does kontextor offer them?


    A certified translation is performed by a professional translator and accompanied by a signed and stamped certification letter attesting to the completeness and accuracy of the translation. Depending on the country, the translator may or may not be required to hold certain credentials, such as certifications or membership of specific translation associations.

    kontextor offers certified translations of documents to be used for legal or official purposes. If you require a certified translation, please let us know when you contact us to discuss your project.

  • How long does it take to complete a translation project?


    Our project teams are highly flexible and can easily adapt and scale our processes to your needs. Once we have discussed the project with you and determined the scope of the translation work, our project managers will propose a delivery date based on the requested volume, complexity of the content, the specific languages, translation methodology and desired delivery date.

    Keep in mind that any subsequent changes made to the length of the text or changes within the text may require additional time. If such changes are substantial, we will inform you and agree on a new delivery date.

  • How much does kontextor charge for translations?


    kontextor’ prices for professional translation services are based on a word rate that includes the translation plus a review. Using a word rate has the advantage that costs can be accurately estimated and there are no unanticipated charges later on. For transcreations or the translation of short texts that require a great deal of research, creativity or many rounds of revisions, such as advertising or marketing slogans, we charge by the hour.

    The final price will also depend on a number of factors, which we define individually with each customer, such as the complexity of the translation, the specific languages, translation methodology and desired delivery date. In line with these specifications, we’ll provide you with a cost estimate for your approval.

  • What does DIN EN ISO 17100 mean?


    DIN EN ISO 171000 is a standard that defines the requirements for translation processes and is considered a mark of quality. It includes regulations on qualifications, availability, the use of resources and other required activities. kontextor is officially registered according to DIN EN ISO 17100. In line with the standard, all quotes from our translation agency include proofreading and editing by a second professional translator.

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