We approach translations, localisations
and text creation
expertly and flexibly
with sensitivity and understanding.

Quality speaks for itself. And for us. This philosophy applies to everything we do.

Kontextor is ISO 17100 compliant! Read more in our Imprint!DIN-ISO-17100


  • STEP ONE: talk to us! Would you like to have some content translated or localised, or new text created? Do you have projects that require management, or would you like us to coordinate third party contributions using existing processes? Talk to us – and together we will find out how we can best support you in the rapid achievement of your objectives.
  • Step Two: we’re off! You’ve chosen us? Brilliant! Then our team will get to work, selecting the staff who are the best fit for you. Regardless of whether you are looking for translation professionals, interpreters, copywriters, proofreaders, social media experts, content managers, content strategists or content consultants – you will find them at kontextor. By the way, you can also give us a trial run: To convince you of the benefits of kontextor, we will be happy to write you a text of up to 300 words – free of charge and without obligation.
  • Step three: GETTING GOOD RESULTS FAST Whatever you need us for – we will do whatever is best for you and your project. Sometimes it is necessary to work together very closely and intensively. For other projects, however, it can make more sense to allow our content experts to work largely independently. Regardless of how our collaboration works – we want to take as much work as possible off your hands and ensure that you are satisfied with the results. To achieve this, we are of course available to update you at all times.

Would you like to test us out first? No problem. Just request a test translation.

But how? Easy – simply click the link above and fill in our contact form. We only need your name, email address and telephone number – and of course the text you would like us to translate. We will soon be in touch with our non-binding test translation.