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As an international language and content specialist, kontextor provides expert blog writing services in all major languages. From simple blog posts to more complex projects, our writers and content teams are ready to help with our flexible, scalable range of services.






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Time to expand your blog? Has your business grown, and you need to scale up? Or would you just like to delegate your blogging activities so that you have more time to focus on your operations? Whatever support you’re looking for, you’ll find it at kontextor.

We deliver high-quality blog content in the language of your choice. Our writers work towards your specific goals and acquire an in-depth understanding of your target audience and market. What’s more, they can deliver your content in all the languages you need – just ask us.

Quality is key when it comes to blog content

Search engines love new content. So do website visitors. And blogs are an excellent, cost-effective way provide fresh, relevant content to both. They are also one of the best tools for Search Engine Optimisation.

With millions of blogs online, it’s is a challenge for any blog to be seen and read – which is precisely why quality matters more than ever when it comes to creating and publishing posts. It’s also why kontextor’s approach to blog content is based on high quality, conversion-focused copywriting.

Improve your rankings with high-quality blog posts

There’s more to a high-quality blog post than meets the eye. As multilingual content specialists, kontextor has expertise in many subject areas and knows how create blog content with strong added value for your target audience. In SERP terms, this means content that helps the reader – by answering a specific question or providing comprehensive, accurate information and guidance on a particular subject.

Quality content goes well beyond the basics of solid writing and editing, a visually appealing layout, fast loading and other technicalities. The best blog posts reflect the expertise of the blogger in a given industry and help build credibility. They also leverage tone and style, lending the blogger a unique voice that stands out in a sea of online content. Thorough research and a deep understanding of the target audience ensure that the content is insightful and engaging.


  • What is the ideal length for a blog post?


    There’s no standard formula for calculating blog post length. It largely depends on variables such as the complexity of the subject matter, strategic objectives and level of detail. If you can say what you want to say in less than 1,000 words, there’s no need to add meaningless filler just to lengthen the post. But in general, longer, more comprehensive blog posts attract more traffic and get better results.

    That said, the most effective blog posts for SEO are over 2,000 words. Posts of this length are favoured by both users and search engines. In the end, the more useful your content is to the reader, the more inbound marketing success you’ll have. And content that’s well-researched and informative tends to be longer and more detailed. Good writers will also deliver posts that rank for multiple related keywords.

  • Should you try to make a blog post as long as possible?


    Even longer articles have been shown to have greater viral potential as readers have a higher tendency to share posts containing more than 3,000 words. However, Google’s algorithm also has a say in what constitutes added value for the reader. It gives higher SERP rankings to websites featuring “helpful content” written for people rather than search engines. So while text length is important, there’s no point in increasing the number of words in a post by adding meaningless filler. In other words, length is no substitute for high-quality content.

  • Which industries do we cover with our blog writing services?


    kontextor specialises in e-commerce and marketing. Our content teams also have many years of experience in a wide range of other industries, including finance, real estate, data protection, automotive, business, environment, sustainability, FMCG, life sciences and much more. We’ve done outstanding work for renowned companies and institutions over the years – you can take a look at some of them here

  • In which languages does kontextor offer blog writing services?


    With our scalable and flexible approach, we can set up and coordinate entire content teams for as many languages as needed. We deliver original blog content in German, English and all other major European languages as well as the key Asian languages.

    kontextor is more than a wordsmith. We also offer professional translations and content management as part of an international content marketing package, enabling you to reach new audiences all over the world with your blog.

  • Why should you pay for blog writing services?


    While blogs are certainly a cost-effective way to increase traffic from major search engines, they require a commitment in terms of time and effort. Maintaining a good blog also means posting on a consistent schedule and offering high quality, well-researched content and informative, relevant topics. Every time.

    Even if you have the skills and resources to do all of this, you may not always have the time between running your business, troubleshooting, and dealing with customers. Or you might simply prefer to focus on your operations. For many reasons, it makes sense to entrust the writing to experts and find someone who can speak in your voice. And kontextor can be that voice for you.

  • What can you expect from kontextor’s blog writing services?


    When you outsource blog writing to kontextor, you’re not just buying content. You get all the expertise you need from a single source, including content management and strategy, SEO, keyword research and more. Our writers understand SEO and are skilled at creating strategically optimised posts that consistently rank and convert while engaging audiences. With an eye for detail, the latest industry trends and specific knowledge of your market and target audience, they deliver expertly edited and engaging content that you couldn’t have written better yourself.

    It will only take you an hour or less to brief our team – after that, you can leave the rest to us. In addition to the copywriting, we can also manage your blog as a full service, including topic planning and publishing in your content management system. All that’s left for you to do is approve our proposals and copywriting.

  • Is it better to translate a blog post or write it in the target language?


    Our customers sometimes ask us when it’s better to translate/transcreate a blog post and when it’s advantageous to create original content directly in the target languages and markets. We assess the objectives of each individual project and, depending on the topic, depth, sociocultural and linguistic specificities, complexity and scale, recommend the most effective approach for you.

    We can also help you select the best target languages for your translations and decide whether the text needs to be adapted to the cultural and linguistic sensibilities of the audience. The latter process is referred to as “transcreation,” in which the text is reshaped to convey its original concept, meaning and intent. The native speakers in our international talent pool have the appropriate cultural background, so you can rely on them to get it right.

  • How long does it take to produce a blog post?


    Our content teams are highly flexible and can easily adapt and scale our processes to your needs. Once we receive the initial brief, our project managers will propose a delivery date based on the desired volume of content and the required research.

    For a blog post of 1,500 to 2,000 words, we allocate about one day for copywriting and an additional 1 to 2 hours for proofreading, editing and quality control. Complex topics that involve more research require a bit more time. It’s worth keeping in mind that a precise project brief with clearly defined objectives, target groups and tone of voice can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to produce a blog post.

  • What makes a good blog post?


    A good blog post starts with a compelling headline and introduction that draw the reader in and make a strong first impression. From there, the content should include relevant keywords to ensure it ranks well on Google, along with other elements that help with SEO, such as descriptions, lists and relevant user information. High-quality posts are generally more detailed and aimed at a specific audience. These are just some of the keys to our approach when creating blog content for our customers.

    Overall, the post should be clearly structured, with sections introduced by informative headings and subheadings that allow the readers to home in on specific aspects of the topic. The placement of keywords in headings and subheadings is also a key factor in successful SEO optimisation.

  • Which blog posts generate the most user satisfaction?


    In addition to high-quality content, various design options, media, images and other visual elements, such as lists and tables, can be used to create an engaging and memorable reader experience. Texts, graphics and videos that convey similar content are not considered “duplicate content” in SEO terms. Instead, they actually serve to increase the relevance of the topic.

    The best blog posts will answer a query without the need for the reader to consult additional sources of information. Which means your content should be designed to help your target audience in some way. If it doesn’t, it’s not going to be considered helpful by Google, and it won’t be reflected in your SERP rankings. In other words, your content should always be relevant to your target group‘s queries.

  • What is kontextor’s pricing model for blog writing services?


    Our blog writing services are based on a sensible pricing model. Instead of offering the cheapest price per word or a low project rate, we apply fair pricing that leverages our experience and saves you money. We charge an hourly rate for the actual time spent on your project, and our expertise means you’re paying for quality, not just quantity.

  • How much does kontextor charge for blog content?


    As skilled blog writers and content specialists, we know how to provide realistic cost estimates and rarely exceed the specified budget. By delivering excellent content up front, we save you time on revisions and corrections, which also keeps costs in check. The price itself depends on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the subject matter, the amount of preliminary research and the required level of detail, all of which we discuss with each client individually.

    In line with these specifications, we’ll provide you with a cost estimate for your approval. Once you confirm your order, we can deliver the finalised, SEO-optimised blog post within 2 to 3 weeks. For international projects including translations, we require an additional 10 to 14 days.

  • What other services does kontextor offer?


    In addition to blog writing, kontextor offers many other language and content-related services, including translation/transcreation, copy for landing pages and websites, SEO texts, transcriptions, subtitles and more.

    Would you like to know more about kontextor’s blog writing services and content expertise? Just give us a call or send us a message. We’re happy to answer your questions!


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