To put your voices into writing, we combine both the latest artificial intelligence systems and our own pool of human intelligence to offer you top-quality transcription services.

Tina Krause, Senior Localization Lead bei kontextor, erläutert das Projektvorgehen mit Beamer
The days when transcribing a video or audio recording meant hours of typing are over. Thanks to artificial intelligence, speech recognition has made huge progress in recent years.

But humans are still needed to fine-tune AI transcriptions. Don’t worry, we won’t make you compromise between the human and the machine. We strive for the best of both worlds with a combination of leading speech recognition technology and years of transcription expertise.

In addition to English, we also offer German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian and many other languages on request. This linguistic depth means we can offer you 100% quality at a competitive price when it comes to your transcription projects.

Good subtitles are an art form in themselves. They require a level of creativity and a feel for language that even the most sophisticated algorithms cannot yet offer. For the subtitling of your videos, you’ll benefit from the powerful tools our text writers and film translators have at their disposal. We can also provide you with native speakers for your voice-over projects in many languages.

Your partner for ambitious subtitling and translation projects

The sudden and global spread of working-from-home and video-conferencing solutions changed the office world in 2020. Whether it’s briefings, interviews with experts, conferences or market research, international teams produce countless hours of audio and video material that needs to be evaluated each and every day. And transcription is generally only one element within larger projects. Have you got video files in German, but you need English subtitles? At kontextor, transcription, translation and subtitling form parts of a seamless whole. And when we’re finished, you’ll receive your subtitle file in whichever format you require.

Expertise in editing for your content project

Content marketing needs authentic content. But time is of the essence, and not all experts are able to make regular contributions to their company blog. Why not talk to us about solutions? We can schedule short content sessions via video interviews with experts and then quickly scope and define the desired content. Our proven editing expertise allows us to take responsibility for individual steps within content creation, or even handle entire projects. From selecting themes to drawing up interview guidelines, recording and evaluating the interview and even offering final proofing of the blog post, kontextor is your partner for holistic, professional interview solutions.

Making our own suggestions from the very beginning

A one-hour interview can contain thousands of words. Thanks to machine support, the transcription need not take very long, but the translation and evaluation of longer texts still involves a workload that is easily underestimated. If the project goals are clearly defined, using an experienced interviewer can save you valuable time. Once the transcription is completed, you will notice the difference in the savings you make in time and costs. Our team will work with you from the very beginning to support you to reach your goals when it comes to transcription and subtitling projects.

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