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The most authentic content in any language is written by native speakers, and German is no exception. At kontextor, we work with copywriters whose first language is German to create high-quality content for German-speaking audiences.






Tina Krause, Senior Localization Lead bei kontextor, erläutert das Projektvorgehen mit Beamer

Content expressly created for German speakers can help you build a stronger connection with your target audience.

These days, much of the available online content in German is designed for English-speaking audiences and then translated. The resulting texts often lack depth and nuance.

Why authentic German content matters

Copywriting in German is the best way to engage authentically and naturally with German speakers and ensure that local issues and points of view are given due consideration. High-quality copy written directly in the target language can also sound more assertive and have a greater impact on your audience, helping you promote your brand, products or services more effectively.

Our native German-speaking copywriters will convey your information clearly and precisely in the desired tone of voice. Linguistic nuances, subtleties of meaning, even humour – we get it all across directly in the target language, with no detours. The result: compelling and engaging content created specifically for your linguistic target group.

Content creation in German from kontextor: what we offer

kontextor helps you speak to customers in their own language. Our copywriting services include:

  • Texts written and reviewed by at least two native German speakers
  • Localisation for specific countries: German for Germany, Switzerland or Austria
  • SEO optimisation for Google in German, including keyword research
  • Copywriters with experience in your target market and industry

Our copywriting teams are not only fluent in your customers’ language, but also have in-depth knowledge of the target countries. Contact us now for more information and ask for a free quote.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland – getting it right regionally

German isn’t the same in every region. That’s why it really makes a difference to have native speakers writing your content. German content created for Switzerland won’t necessarily make sense in Austria. Our copywriters are familiar with the major regional language varieties and will make sure that your message gets across exactly as you intended.

German content for all industries and projects

kontextor’s working model is based on a core team connected to a global network. Our native German-speaking copywriters and editors have experience in a wide range of industries and know their subjects: eCommerce, design apps, start-ups, automated email marketing, sustainable agriculture, recruitment platforms, logistics and much more. With our scalable and flexible approach, we can set up and coordinate entire content teams of copywriters and SEO specialists to assist you with your projects.


  • How much does German content cost?


    We charge by the hour for copywriting in all languages, including German. Our rate for German content is the same as for English and all other major languages. The fee includes content creation, an agreed number of revision rounds and keyword research for the target region, if requested.

  • Is it better to translate content from English into German or have it written in German?


    Depending on your objectives, it may make sense to have English content translated into German. But the main consideration is whether that content needs to be localised for your target market. Translations are not recommended for SEO texts, which perform much better when written directly in the target language. To achieve a high ranking for your website, you’ll need to do keyword research for the target country. Keywords used in translations also tend to make the text sound unnatural.

  • What other languages does kontextor offer?


    With our broad network of professional copywriters and editors based throughout the world, we’ve got you covered in (nearly) any language you need. Copywriting in French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese? No problem!We also work in the key Asian languages, Hebrew and many other languages – all with our agile support and fast delivery.

    Just get in touch with us to discuss your project and we’ll come up with a plan that suits your needs.

  • What kinds of content can kontextor provide in German?


    kontextor delivers content for marketing, SEO, press releases, corporate communications and much more, in German and any additional languages you require. We always rely on native speakers with expertise in the target market to create the best copy for your brand or business. We also produce subtitles and transcripts for videos, webinars and interviews.


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