We mention project and content management in a single breath. Why? Because we take a holistic approach to both.

Tina Krause, Senior Localization Lead with kontextor, explaining steps of the localization process using a beamer presentation

To help you reach your target group and attain your goals, we, as content consultants, need to know more about the context: who is your main target group? Who are your other target groups, if any? What do you want to achieve with your content? Do you have a content strategy and, if so, what does it look like? Are there images or videos? Do you have a style guide and how have you defined your tone of voice? We can discuss all of this and more with you. The more we know about your products and your philosophy, the more precisely we can adapt the text to your requirements.

In order to offer you professional assistance with your content, we need to get to know and understand your company’s culture and processes. We will immerse ourselves in your company and make your tasks our tasks. Regardless of whether we are managing a project for you or taking responsibility for content management – effective and intensive collaboration is the foundation which enables us to look after your projects in a reliable and efficient manner. Would you like to find out more about us and our services? Talk to us – and we will be happy to come and see you.

What makes us special

Before we founded our content agency, we worked in international companies. We are therefore very well versed in their inner workings and characteristics. Today we really are your ideal outsourcing partner because we know how to work professionally in large companies. We are also able to apply a critical external view, and may sometimes question things that you take for granted. This helps us successfully implement your vision.

New trends? We’re on board!

Within content management, there are always new developments that have a direct effect on content strategies, branded content and content marketing.

We help you to keep up with new trends and to update your content to reflect changing circumstances. The world of social media, for example, has undergone profound changes over the last few years. New players come and go – who remembers MySpace these days, even though it used to be the number 1 among social networks? Wherever you would like your content journey to take you, whether it is to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat or others, or to the next big thing – we will be happy to help you take your message to your target groups.

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