Packaging information correctly, conveying the right messages, launching promotions, and giving texts that final polish: you can leave it all to us.

Highly concentrated, working with content at kontextor

As a modern content agency, we are most at home in the online segment. Our copywriters, editors, and content managers are online and know the best way of creating or editing texts for the Internet. We are also well versed in creating copy for marketing, products and UX design. We also optimise content for smartphones and tablets.

Drawing up a text concept or relaunching your website, setting up a newsletter, text modules or your latest app: when it comes to writing and editing, we are on your side. In every language you need.

Guides, legal texts and customer support

We write or edit texts for your online help pages, landing pages and app interfaces. We are also happy to proofread user agreements, disclaimers or other legal texts. Content and concepts for your customer service teams involving multiple channels and customer relationship management? We can help you with that too.

We have a passion for writing.

And of course, we are not only to be found online. We are also happy to support you with content creation for classic offline texts, such as press releases, for example.

Whether writing online or offline texts – all our content writers have one thing in common, regardless of what country they come from: they love the language they write in and are both enthusiastic about new tasks and topics and quick to familiarise themselves with them.

Texts without errors

Spelling mistakes, typing errors or incorrect punctuation – texts with inadvertent errors make an unprofessional impression and cause people to question a company’s general competence. That is why it is paramount to proofread each text carefully before it is published.

This is something else that kontextor can offer you. We are guaranteed to have the right proofreader for your topic and your language to proofread your content and remove all errors. Be assured: when we correct your text, we are extremely thorough – to make sure that we really do find and correct all errors.

Your sector is our sector

The many different members of the kontextor team have, by the way, already written about a wide range of topics: financial services, fashion, software, music, cars, travel, sport, handicraft, optometry, printing presses, art, aeroplanes, games – there is little that we don’t have in our portfolio.
This is because our team has a wide range of personal backgrounds, training and experience. Regardless of the sector you work in – we probably have somebody on our team who knows something about it. And even if we don’t, it’s no problem.

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What language do you need to talk? Whatever you need, we speak it.