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kontextor and eBay go back a long way. In fact, our very first orders came from eBay. And that’s not the only thing that links us to eBay. The entire kontextor management team has a background in eBay and, before coming to work at the content agency we founded in 2010, worked at eBay in various roles. All of this would be reason enough for eBay to have a special meaning for us. But there is another, even more important reason: working for and with eBay is fun! After all these years, we are still happy to work for the e-commerce pioneer in various ways. It is not a case of “just” copywriting and editing for all the company’s marketing communication channels. Our repertoire for eBay also includes providing translation and localisation services, writing content for the customer service pages, and managing the online marketplace’s communication with its employees.

What we do for eBay

Our work for eBay is largely concentrated in three areas: editorial support, translation and localisation. Depending on the project and the number of languages required, up to 20 members of the kontextor team may be working for the online pioneer at one time.

We create texts for eBay’s newsletter, website, landing pages and other forms of marketing communication in many languages, including German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch and Chinese. What’s more, thousands of eBay product and service buyers’ guides created by us are already online.

When they’re not writing original content, our copywriters and translators are translating and localising for various eBay departments. We also help create text building blocks for eBay’s customer support in order to optimise customer communication.

When eBay started to curate its sellers’ offerings and gather them into collections, kontextor’s copywriters were there from the beginning to help establish the service on the market. Naturally, these projects require careful and professional management – and we often take on this role as well.


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