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Make your story heard with kontextor’s expert copywriting services. Our Berlin-based agency has a track record of delivering high-quality content for websites, blogs, apps and marketing campaigns, tailored to your requirements.

Highly concentrated, working with content at kontextor

We specialise in fresh and lively content with an eye toward engagement. From website content, blog articles and social media posts to marketing campaigns, our clients receive original, high-quality content that resonates with customers and drives results.

Your company will benefit from our Berlin-based agency, its passion for words and decades of copywriting experience in a wide range of industries. Our writers know how to create engaging content that appeals to your target audience and conveys your message with impact. Enjoy expert support every step of the way, from content strategy and topic planning to content creation and review.

No time for content? We’ve got you covered!

Creating fresh, high-quality content for a wide range of channels can seem like a never-ending challenge. That’s where we come in. Let us be your external content team – we’ll take on all your content-related tasks and copywriting, tailored to your objectives and target audience. It’s a simple solution to free up valuable time for your marketing team to focus on other things.

Crafted by humans, assisted by AI

Our clients gain a competitive edge from the skillful application of technologies that improve workflow and increase efficiency. We see artificial intelligence as an innovative tool that works for us. It does a fantastic job of analysing and structuring content as well as generating ideas. Leveraging the power of AI, we enhance our creative processes and obtain better results for our clients.

Content agency with global reach

Based in Berlin, our agency works with an extensive network of copywriters and content creators both in Germany and around the world. Ever aware of current marketing trends, we know how to write compelling copy attuned to your audience.

Expertise in a wide range of industries

The copy you receive covers a multitude of sectors, including eCommerce, healthcare, sustainability, data protection, technology, logistics and more. Don’t see your industry here? Our writers are skilled at tackling new challenges and eager to acquire the knowledge needed to excel in any area.

Content creation for all channels

Clients reap the rewards of our capabilities that extend across digital and print media with a comprehensive package of services covering every facet of content development. We deliver holistic solutions, from the initial concept development to the detailed editorial planning of each page and the actual writing and content creation itself.

Our creators are well-versed in writing compelling, cross-platform content, including but not limited to:

  • Product pages
  • Social media platforms
  • Blogs
  • Landing pages
  • Websites
  • Print media
  • Public relations material
  • Newsletters
  • UI content for Apps

Whatever the medium or platform, your company will get engaging and impactful content tailored to your objectives in sales, brand development, website traffic or customer relations.

Our words speak for themselves

Some of the world’s biggest tech companies use our content including a very well-known online marketplace, a design app with over 30 million users and a major mobile payment service provider. We’re also big supporters of many of the brands we write for and use their products and services ourselves. Why not join them?

Scalable and agile support for content projects of all sizes

Need more support for your project? Look no further. Our content creators are available to help, even on short notice, for as long as you need. Take them on as an outsourced solution or as an addition to your in-house team. Either way, you’ll have the flexibility you need to achieve your project milestones and meet tight deadlines without sacrificing quality.

As a content agency with a broad global network, we can fill any gaps you may have in your marketing team with reliable resources, including copywriters, content managers and project managers. Let us know what you need—we’ll be there to meet your challenges.


  • Can I book entire content teams?


    Absolutely! In addition to outstanding content creators, coordinated content teams are available to support your marketing department or handle the entire content creation process as an outsourced solution. How much they contribute and the type of input are entirely up to you.

    If you prefer a more collaborative approach, our copywriters will work closely with your in-house team to develop a tailored content strategy. Combining their expertise with your insights, they will generate engaging, SEO-optimised content to convey your message and meetyour communication goals. Whatever your requirements, our scalable teams will meet your needs, save you precious time and deliver exceptional results.

  • In which languages does kontextor produce content?


    Not only do we specialise in German and English, but we also offer several other European languages, including French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Given our diverse network of native-speaking content creators and copywriters, we can meet your content needs across multiple languages, providing high-quality, SEO-optimised texts that resonate with your target audience.

    If you need content in multiple languages, you can get individually tailored content for your target audience in each language required. Dedicated teams will be created for each language and country to ensure the content reflects the appropriate linguistic and cultural nuances. The copy is SEO-optimised, “on message” and equally impactful in every language.

  • What are the main areas of specialisation for copywriters at kontextor?


    Our content writers have expertise in a wide range of areas, including eCommerce, design, sustainability, logistics, technology, product marketing, human resources and online marketing with AI. They are highly versatile professionals able to familiarise themselves with new topics and write in the style or tone appropriate for the audience at hand.

    Our teams are skilled at writing for various platforms and channels including social media posts, blog articles, marketing materials, brand websites and SEO-optimised copy. Contact us to ask about your industry. We’d be happy to determine together how we can best meet your own content needs.

  • What qualifications do copywriters need?


    Formal education in fields such as journalism, business communications or creative writing can provide a solid foundation, but practical experience, continuous learning and a genuine passion for writing are just as important for becoming a skilled content writer.

    Copywriters should possess a strong command of the language they write in and the ability to effectively convey ideas and messages. They also need to have an in-depth understanding of the industry, product, service or subject matter they are writing about, along with solid research and organisation skills. Finally, a creative mindset is essential for developing engaging and inspiring content that jumps off the page, whether it be for a blog, social media platform, service page or website.

  • For which channels do copywriters create content?


    Highly versatile copywriters are skilled in creating content for a diverse range of channels. These include blogs, marketing materials, product pages, social media and SEO-optimised copy for websites that meet Google’s requirements and ensure high visibility in search engine results. Depending on the channel, they adjust the tone of voice (casual or formal) and copy length (short and snappy for social media, longer texts for blog articles containing valuable insights).

  • How much does kontextor charge for copywriting services?


    The cost of content creation is based on an hourly rate covering all stages of the creation process. This includes research, concept development, copywriting and SEO optimisation. The copy is finally reviewed to ensure quality. Rather than produce a certain length of copy or page count, the aim is to develop concise and focused content that yields better results.

    Good writing that drives visitors to your website delivers value to your audience over time and is therefore an extremely worthwhile investment. It can also help increase sales, improve revenue and boost brand awareness. Contact us to discuss your copywriting needs—we can arrange pricing details based on thespecific requirements and scope of your project.


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