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Canva and kontextor are an excellent match – and they’re also around the same age. So it’s surprising that we didn’t cross paths until 2021. The team at Canva is interested in more than just high-quality design. They also go to great lengths to carefully craft their UI copy and demonstration videos. It is a pleasure to collaborate with them. We get to show millions of designers at Canva that we are capable not only of writing outstanding copy, but also delivering voice-overs that are spot-on in terms of tone of voice.

What we do for Canva

Canva gives users free rein to their creativity. We’ve been translating the Australian company’s user interface into German since 2021. This includes everything from precise descriptions of integrated graphics features to marketing copy and calls to action for upselling banners, to descriptions of the various subscriptions and pricing models.

What’s more, you can read our work on Canva as well as hear it. We perform the voice-overs for the tutorial videos that Canva offers its users as a guide to the vast world of design. Whether our words are heard or read, we set just the right tone for the company’s creative target groups.


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