Zuzanna Schwarzenberg-Czerny
Project manager with a 360-degree view on languages

What is it about languages and translation that you find fascinating?
You can look at languages from so many different angles. How does it develop in the brain? What are the grammatical differences between languages? What does society do to language and vice versa? One of the aspects that interests me most is sociolinguistics.

And what about your language skills?
My mother tongue is Polish. I lived in southern Germany as a child and that’s how I learned German. In the meantime, I’ve learned English. At university I took some courses on Russian and Arabic because I wanted to know how different alphabets work. But I have only retained a basic knowledge of those languages. At any rate, proficiency in many languages gives you a basis for comparison so that you can recognise similarities and differences.

What’s on your bucket list?
Going to Japan, learning how to surf and buying a cottage in Sweden. Not necessarily in that order.