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For more than 50 years, gebana has been building trade relations in the global South based on sustainable value chains, fair prices for producers and delicious food from all over the world. A visit to gebana’s online shop is like taking a little journey to faraway lands. We enjoy working together so much that we’ve become our customers’ customers. As a matter of fact, we wholeheartedly agree with what gebana stands for, as well as its values – and not just because we’re the ones putting them into words.

What we do for gebana

gebana is the very first link in the fair trade value chain. Our collaboration also began with some fundamental groundwork. Together with the Zurich-based company, we developed style guides and glossaries in several languages with the aim of producing content in the right tone of voice for the target group.

Based on these guidelines, we transcreate blog articles and newsletters and translate product descriptions for the web shop. There is always plenty to do. It’s not only English speakers who appreciate sustainable products, which is why we also translate for gebana into French, Swedish, and Dutch. While we’re at it, we also translate their annual reports and technical descriptions.


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