Expertly crafted translations for automated marketing

kontextor translates for Emarsys
Emarsys is revolutionising the marketing industry. The company’s customer engagement platform automates communication with customers across all channels, from email campaigns to personalised offers. And kontextor is doing its part too. Working for Emarsys is kind of like a crash course in cutting-edge marketing. We get to learn about the latest trends and standards in an industry that is continually reinventing itself. We’re pleased that the Vienna-based company has placed its trust in our translators. After all, automated marketing emails still require engaging copy and a human touch.

What we do for Emarsys

We’ve been translating English texts into German for Emarsys since 2018. Our work covers a wide range of subjects, such as overviews of the latest product developments, in-depth analyses and recommendations for white papers and SEO-optimised blog articles.

We also provide the translations for the German-language version of their website and ensure that the SAP-owned company’s automated marketing emails always convey the appropriate tone in German.

No matter the type of copy we’re dealing with, we’re always amazed at what’s possible in marketing today.